Evaluating ODBC

You're probably aware that ODBC is one of the best ways to get data to and from a data source; there are a number for reasons for this:

ODBC is the Future

As recently discussed by Microsoft, ODBC is still an actively supported standard and is not "old technology" as many would have you believe. OLE DB for one was intended to be a replacement, but developers and even Microsoft themselves didn't move away from ODBC. It's a technology that works, and works very well.

Not Just for Windows

One of the biggest advantages of ODBC is that it doesn't care what platform you use, ODBC is not a Windows-only API. Easysoft ODBC Drivers support a whole range of platforms including Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and Mac OS X to name just a few. This enables developers to reuse ODBC code written for one platform on other platforms, making them more productive.

Free Support

From the moment you download the Driver for your free trial to the end of the initial 12 month period from purchase we supply free support to you. Your support can be extended if so desired.

Superior Driver Performance from Easysoft Limited

The "Performance" myth surrounding third party ODBC Drivers is that they are slower than others ways of getting to the data and slower than native Drivers; this simply isn't true. Our own and independent benchmarking shows that Easysoft Drivers constantly outperform other similar methods of reaching data.

Our Drivers also include the same security functionality and support that your database provides.

Easysoft Limited — Industry Leader

Forget what you might read elsewhere, as Easysoft Limited are usually the first independent vendor to update their Drivers to support new database releases and functionality, we are rightly seen as the industry leader.

The Proof!

You do not need to take our word for it, take the Easysoft Challenge by downloading your Driver today for a free trial; you will get a fully functional Driver for 14 days (extensions can always be granted upon request) and you'll also get free support to assist you in configuring your ODBC connection.