Easysoft OEM Partner Program

Choose the proven, affordable, and secure data access technology that is helping leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) build powerful and reliable solutions in less time. Our products can help any customer in any industry improve efficiency, reduce the cost of doing business and better serve the most important asset in any business — the customer.

OEM partner program benefits:

Do you want Easysoft to cut your costs, bring better products to market faster and strengthen your brand?

Flexible OEM Solutions

Whether you want to white label one of our existing products, embed our software into your products or get us to develop a custom product for you, the result is the same. You get to market faster. We offer these OEM solutions:

Simpler Deployment

By working with Easysoft, you will be able to plug in multiple database backends to your applications without the need for drivers from multiple database vendors. This removes the need to burden your customers with the tedious task of obtaining and installing these drivers themselves, leading to trouble-free customer evaluations and installations.

Some database vendor drivers are only compatible with a particular version of the database. Easysoft drivers support multiple versions of their target database and provide a consistent, standards conformant interface. This eliminates the extra development work required to devise workarounds for the varying levels of conformance found in database vendor drivers.

With Easysoft drivers, your Development, QA and Support teams will be working with a known quantity (the one your product was tested with). This is not the case with native database drivers, whose vendors often release new drivers every other month. Technical difficulties arising from new driver releases that have not been certified for use with your solution can jeopardise your relationship with your customers, particularly if ease of use was a key factor in them choosing your solution.

Choose Easysoft, the single source solution for multi-database connectivity that makes deployment and maintenance simple.

Maintain Focus on Core Business Activities

Offloading the data connectivity components to a proven data access and product integration specialist like Easysoft allows your staff to focus on your core business activities such as making successful products even better and developing products that people want to buy:

As the world's leading independent supplier of cross-platform data access products, Easysoft is uniquely positioned to provide your data access layer and keep it up to date for a fraction of what it would cost you or anyone else. By letting us do the work, you save money, avoid distractions, and ensure your resources are deployed to the most strategic areas of your business.

Faster Time To Market

Embedding Easysoft products allows ISVs to deliver applications to customers more quickly without compromising security and reliability.

As you will be obtaining all your data connectivity components from a single source, your application development and QA processes will be simplified and therefore accelerated.

Easysoft drivers provide a database independent API that reduces development time by minimising the number of client code changes that need to be made to support different databases.

You can put products in the hands of your customers faster than ever before — a real competitive advantage. As your application's development time and costs are reduced (without impacting the quality of the product you deliver), you obtain a higher margin on your products, increasing your company's profitability.

Comprehensive Database and Platform Support

The breadth of our support for both database and operating system platforms and facility to produce custom builds means that you will never lose a sale because you cannot support a potential customer's database or client platform.

Easysoft software provides access to multiple database back ends from Linux, UNIX, Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

If you want to serve enterprise customers, choose Easysoft to connect to major databases that are established in the enterprise such as SQL Server, Oracle®, DB2 and Sybase.

Standards Based Data Access

Easysoft software provides standard-based (ODBC, JDBC and SQL) connectivity to multiple databases from multiple platforms. When you simplify deployment by removing the need for the database vendor's driver to be obtained and installed, you can reassure your customers that the technology used to interact with the database is the same as used and recommended by the database vendor.

Industry Standard Security Features

Our drivers support industry standards security features such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Kerberos authentication, which helps you and your customers to satisfy security, privacy and regulatory compliance requirements. This enables you to expand your potential customer base by selling to organisations whose security requirements are defined by regulatory compliance obligations such as financial services firms and federal government institutions.

SSL protects the confidentiality of your customer's data as it is transmitted across the network and provides protection against attempts to tamper with that data.

Kerberos centralises authentication making it unnecessary for security administrators to protect multiple password repositories. As password checking happens in one place, it is possible to prevent an unauthorised user from accessing all systems or to alter all access rights and privileges of an employee who is leaving the company by making one change in one location.

Using Easysoft technology to increase revenue by opening up market opportunities will not therefore compromise security.

Specialised Support

Easysoft understands what it is to partner with an ISV and offer support throughout the software development life cycle to ensure you get to market faster. We are here to support you now and over the long term.

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