PayPal ODBC Driver

Spreadsheet, Reporting & BI Applications Using SQL To Query & Update PayPal Data.

Real-time read-write access to PayPal from Microsoft Office, Database, Web Server and Reporting applications

The PayPal ODBC Driver enables you to work with PayPal data outside of the PayPal web interface. The driver allows you to use PayPal data in any application that supports ODBC.

Why Easysoft?

  • We produce ODBC drivers for more data sources than any other vendor, maximising our exposure to this data access technology and broadening our experience.
  • We support our products over the long term. Customers with the latest data stores can be just as confident of our continued commitment as those who purchased drivers for databases (which although now considered legacy, we continue to support) at the start of our 20+ years of existence.
  • We are agile, responsive and welcome interaction with our customers. If you need assistance with integrating PayPal with your application, we will be ready.
  • Direct, real-time access to PayPal, no import/export necessary, ensuring your analysis is based on the most recent data.
  • Read-write driver, maximising the integration potential for PayPal and client applications.
  • Compatible with industry standard BI, Analytics and Spreadsheet applications. We track the Gartner BI Magic Quadrant to ensure our application support remains current.
  • Query, update, join, sort and aggregate PayPal data by using SQL.
  • Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit* applications.
  • Available on Microsoft Windows platforms.
  • ANSI SQL-92 compliant.

The PayPal ODBC Driver is currently available on these platforms:

Version Platform Distribution
v 1.0 (PayPal) Windows (x86) (32 - Bit, 64 - Bit) (7, 8, 2012 R2, 10, 2016, 2019,11,2022)