Which Easysoft Oracle Driver do I Need?

Easysoft produces two versions of the Oracle ODBC driver: the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) driver and the Wire Protocol (WP) driver.

Both drivers connect Unix and Linux applications to Oracle 8–19c and XE databases, provide comprehensive support for Oracle data types and conform to the latest ODBC standard (3.52).

However, the drivers differ in the way that they access Oracle. The OCI driver requires Oracle client software (either the Instant Client or standard Oracle Database Client). The WP driver does not require any Oracle client software, because, unlike the OCI driver, it accesses Oracle directly.

Although the WP driver is simpler to deploy in that it is not reliant on the standard/Instant client, you need to be aware of the implications of not using Oracle client software. The following Oracle functionality is dependent on the Oracle client. To take advantage of these features, you therefore need to use the client-based OCI driver:

In addition, if you want to access Oracle from Windows platforms, you need to use the OCI driver.

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