Is Your Supplier Ticking all the Right Boxes?

Ensuring that your SQL Server ODBC Driver will do exactly what you need it to do and be future-proofed should be important to you, the last thing that you need is for your chosen solution to suddenly halt your business!

Easysoft are a pioneer in ODBC compliant data access and data connectivity solutions, and we always develop our solutions to the very latest standards to ensure that they are as feature rich as possible.

The list to the right shows the features that our SQL Server ODBC Driver has; so when you are talking to the potential supplier of your ODBC Driver, get them to confirm the actual functionality of it and see how they compare to Easysoft.

Here at Easysoft, we recognise the key points you are looking for when choosing your ODBC Driver and you can rest assured that we will always keep you one step ahead of the game, so download our driver today for a test drive!

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