Easysoft ODBC-SQL Server Driver Product Benefits

Simple Installation and Maintenance

Installing the Easysoft ODBC-SQL Server Driver means less hassle. SQL Server 7.0 through to SQL Server 2019 are all supported in a single product. No upgrades required. You can even use the same driver with multiple versions of SQL Server at the same time. Easysoft support all the latest Transact-SQL syntax and additional SQL Server data types.

Cost Effective Licensing

Easysoft licensing is simple. Licenses are permanent and support:

Do you need multiple copies during the next year? Our LAN and WAN options allow unlimited installations on any of our supported platforms for a single low license fee.

Excellent After Sales Support

Selecting Easysoft means hassle free operation. All Easysoft licenses include FREE 1st year Support and Maintenance service, providing:

This comprehensive service can be extended in the 2nd year for approximately 25% of the initial license fee.

Free Evaluations with Full Helpdesk Support

Installation is easy. 10 minutes is all it takes to download the fully functional trial version. If you need help, Easysoft provide free support, including assistance with third party packages and all major development languages.

Easysoft Unrivalled Pedigree

Easysoft are the leading independent supplier of data access products in the World. Through direct sales and partnerships with leading partners our drivers are installed on millions of computers around the World. Easysoft also produce and support unixODBC, the standard ODBC driver manager for non-Windows platforms favoured by IBM, Computer Associates, SAP and most independent software developers.

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