What's In A Brand?

Easysoft has been in business servicing its customers for 20 years now and it's been a fabulous two decades full of ups and downs, and plenty of changes.

One new change is our new logo, and we hope that you like it.

Changing the logo raised some questions internally; does this mean that business is changing? Has our brand changed?

The simple answer is that it's just the logo that has changed (and a fresh new website), the logo is just our corporate identity, it's a way in which we can be easily recognised in the market in just the same was that you can look at a can of your favourite cola and recognise the brand from the logo that they use.

So what is a brand?

Well if we go back to the cola example, the brand (branding) is simply the promise of what will be delivered it's a simple as that.

I know from the cola I drink what I'll get from it, I know exactly what it will taste like and how drinking it will make me feel; in exactly the same way that our customers know what a great product and support they will get from us.

So no, nothing is changing for Easysoft, you'll still get the same great products, superior product development and outstanding support; it will just have a more recognisable logo that's all!