Visualising Data

Visualising data is the future. It is a couple of buzz words that are trending because now everyone needs to see their data in a new simpler way. Traditionally, huge data sets in column after column can be open to misinterpretation and the chance of just being swamped by numbers is always there.

Easysoft are creating a Google Analytics driver, which enables you to analyse and visualise your analytics data outside of Google's web based interface. If you need to see your company's web site visitor trends in Microsoft Excel, MS Access or many other office based applications, Easysoft have the answer with the new Analytics ODBC driver. It takes the raw data from Google and quickly feeds it into an office application like Excel. Once your data is inside Excel you can then study, analyse and manipulate it. The sheer power of Excel allows you to view your data in so many different ways, you can see trends, patterns and so many new sales insights — you will wonder how you ever managed before you had the Easysoft Google Analytics driver.

One of the most sought after features which gets requested over and over again is the requirement for live data. In other words, working with Google Analytics data in applications such as Excel without having to first export a snapshot of that data. And that is exactly what Easysoft enables you to do. This is a big step forward, there is no longer any need to export and then import a static snapshot of the data or manually enter the data — simply click the update button and that's it.

The Easysoft Google Analytics ODBC driver is due for release very soon. Contact Sales here to register your interest in its release.