Need Access to a Database From UniVerse/Unidata?

UniVerse enables you to build incredibly powerful business applications backed up by the embedded Universe data server and is used by leading organisations all over the world. We often find in talking to clients that connectivity is required to other ODBC databases within their business and they prefer the high performance real time access offered by Easysoft ODBC Drivers.

The most common connection requirement being for access to SQL Server. Where this is a requirement and there is a need for businesses to quickly and effectively access their SQL Server data or other ODBC data sources from UniVerse/Unidata), we have a FAQ available, which provides information to help avoid the common pitfalls and ensure the implementation of our drivers with UniVerse/Unidata proceeds quickly and effectively, minimising the time needed and ensuring the best delivery of this additional functionality to any business.

And should you require any advice or guidance, the Easysoft Technical Helpdesk has a wealth of experience in this area and is only a phone call or email away.