SQL Access to MongoDB in the Cloud (MongoDB Atlas)

The MongoDB ODBC driver enables applications such as SQL Server, Office and PHP to work with on-premise MongoDB databases data by using SQL.

Starting with version 1.0.17, the MongoDB ODBC driver also provides SQL access to cloud-based MongoDB databases ((MongoDB Atlas). At the time of writing, April 2020, Atlas support is provided by the driver from Windows platforms.

Refer to this document for guidance on how to install, license and configure the MongoDB ODBC driver.

When you configure the MongoDB ODBC driver data source (the connection details that enable you to connect to MongoDB) ensure that you enable the SRV_DNS attribute.

Here's an example data source for MongoDB Atlas:

Setting Value
Description Easysoft MongoDB ODBC Driver
Server cluster0-abcde.azure.mongodb.net
User Name myatlasdatabaseuser
Password mypassword
SRV_DNS Enabled