Maximising your Investment in

If you have then we can make two simple assumptions about your business:

  1. You want to become a more data led business.
  2. You want a good return on your investment.

Both of these can be achieved with the help of the Easysoft ODBC Driver.

Our Driver allows you to connect ODBC compliant databases and applications to, and get the very best data into and out of Providing you real time access to

Our ODBC Driver actually extends the native Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) allowing you to undertake more traditional SQL queries; so with our Driver talking to you can use SQL joins, groups, orders, aggregates and unions, etc., providing you with real SQL functionality.

This approach means that you can make more meaningful queries inside and the more meaningful the query, the more meaningful the data that you will get out of it.

So what does this mean for you?

Imagine you want to know in real-time how many widgets you have sold; or how many widgets of a particular colour you have sold over a particular period! With our ODBC Driver we can supply your ODBC databases and/or applications with meaningful, real-time data for those important management decisions.

It's a great Driver, but don't just take our word for it, download the ODBC Driver today and start your free 14 day trial, you won't understand the true capability of our Driver until you have tested it yourself.