InterBase & Firebird Driver Updates

Updating operating system software and drivers is a daily part of life for most of us. And database driver updates are equally important. However they sometimes get consigned to the tomorrow list and just get left behind.

The new driver updates from Easysoft for the latest Windows 64-bit platforms are available for both InterBase and Firebird. If you are using InterBase or Firebird database drivers from Easysoft, it's time for an update if you have a 64-bit Windows system. Many companies have moved to the 64-bit Windows platform and if your company is one of them then the updated drivers are ready to download right now.

Easysoft Have Got It Covered

Easysoft make driver installation easier than ever, as the Firebird and InterBase driver distributions include both 32- and 64-bit versions — automatically making the correct driver available to your application whatever its architecture.

There are so many different platforms to develop database drivers for now. In response to our customers' demands, Easysoft ODBC drivers for Windows, such as the InterBase and Firebird drivers are provided in a single distribution that supports multiple versions of Windows, from older 32-bit version of Windows such as Vista to the latest 64-bit versions such as Server 2012.

The Easysoft drivers also provide ODBC access to InterBase and Firebird from Linux and Solaris platforms, and automatically installed under the unixODBC Driver Manager, making them instantly available to ODBC compliant applications.

Easysoft is committed to bringing you drivers for the latest OS and database platforms. The hallmark of ODBC is quite simply its compatibility and Easysoft's Firebird and InterBase drivers are no exception.