Free Trials and Free Support

Managing a business can be difficult enough at the best of times, so the processes that help your organisation understand what's happening within that business should be as simple as possible.

You have a company database it could be any of the popular databases provided by the biggest vendors available today (SQL Server, Oracle®, Salesforce, InterBase, Sybase, Derby etc); you also need to get data out of it and into an application that you are more familiar with, or an application or system that is far better for your organisation to produce updates and reports from (i.e. MS Access, MS Excel, Crystal Reports, OpenOffice etc), or any other ODBC enabled application or database.

How do you do this?

Simply come to and download the corresponding Driver for your database, if you are not sure which Driver you need then just use our free Solution Wizard.

14 Days FREE Trial

We want you to be confident that the Easysoft Driver that you have downloaded works for you; that's why we want you to use the Driver completely free for a full 14 days. This 14 day trial period is completely unrestricted; the Driver is fully functional with absolutely no limitations whatsoever.

In this time you can test the Driver against your particular architecture and software versions; also during this period you have complete free access to our technical support team and vast knowledgebase online. You can ask us anything about your set up, we can even advise you about data formats, database and application configurations etc.

12 months FREE Support

Once you have bought a license for any of our Drivers you will get 12 month free support, at the end of this 12 month support agreement we will terminate this support contract unless you indicate that you want to retain our services (don't worry, we'll write out to you before the 12 months has expired).

We believe that this dedication to you, our customer is the difference that we make. You, your project, your business and your data are the most important things to us.

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