Easysoft ODBC Solutions

We are a data access business, and we have been providing and supporting data access solutions for over 20 years, there is absolutely nothing we don't know about ODBC and JDBC access.

With our ODBC Drivers we provide the following benefits:

Application readiness — Our ODBC Drivers are simple and quick to install meaning that your application or reporting system is quick to deploy and is up and running without problems.

Scalability — Our ODBC solutions are incredibly scalable; you can start with one license for a single machine, quickly and easily licensing more machines (across LANS and WANS) as you need them. Although remember that you might need additional licenses for your testing and disaster recovery machines.

Standards — All of our ODBC Drivers are conformant to the latest standards; the Drivers will always perform as expected, providing you with reliable and predictable results.

Supports all major databases — We support all the major databases: SQL Server, Oracle®, DB2, Salesforce, Sybase etc. Plus we have lots of planned support for new databases.

Supports 64-bit applications — We help our customers to take full advantage of faster processing speeds by supporting 64-bit applications.

Supports all the major platforms — We support a full range of platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux and OS X.

As the most popular provider data access solutions. You can be sure that you are getting the best technical ODBC Drivers for your enterprise.

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