Disaster Recovery

We live in a world of immediate solutions and instant gratification, and we hate it when things stop dead in their tracks or don't work as expected.

With us all having this "always on" and "always available" mentality, for many organisations the answer is Disaster Recovery.

And it's easy to see why, an extended outage for business-critical applications could lead not only to lost revenues, but also to a tarnished corporate image and the loss of customer loyalty and shareholder lack of confidence, which leads to further lost investment and revenues.

We help businesses in two key ways:

Business Continuity is a critical component of our development process, all of our Drivers are designed and implemented with high availability in mind, they are only released when we are satisfied that they are as robust as they can be; we also ensure that we support the latest high availability functionality offered by the database vendors. Our investment in supporting native database active redundancy to prevent the "disaster" from happening in the first place seems to us to be the best approach.

Secondly we offer some great deals on licences for organisations out there that want to add ODBC or JDBC functionality to their Disaster Recovery or Test machines; this supports organisations that still need an element of disaster recovery within their network for their applications.

In summary, we realise that the requirements for disaster recovery and high availability will vary from customer to customer and application to application, but at the end of the day, there's nothing better than peace of mind...and that is exactly what you get with Easysoft Limited.