Top Reasons why American IT Buyers Love To Buy ODBC and JDBC Drivers from Us

Our Software Works

Our American clients tend to be more direct than others around the globe, they want to know that the software they need works, and will work first time, and will work every time. We are always happy to name numerous US businesses that have bought and run our Drivers (Disney, Apple, HP, Home Depot, the Bank of America and numerous government departments to name just a few).

A bigger list of our clients can be found here.

This gives US IT buyers the instant knowledge that Easysoft software is world-class.

No Hard Sell Needed

In the US, it's common to experience the hard sell! Common, but not always accepted.

We know that businesses everywhere love the consultative way that Easysoft approach sales; rather than forcing a sale or hounding them until they buy, we will work with businesses to ensure that the solution they are looking at is the right one for them. If they are not ready to buy then we will not pursue them.

Friendly Service

With this easy sales process comes the friendly side of Easysoft Limited; we love to build relationships with all of our customers, and for us that process starts as soon as you make contact with us. Fed up of doing business with hard-nosed sales reps? You'll love the difference Easysoft makes.

Quick and Easy

Okay, not just loved by our American customers, but they do tend to love the fact that we are completely transparent about Driver prices online, and if they want to, they can select and buy online within minutes.


In the US, knowing that any product is fully supported is an important consideration for IT purchases, which is one reason for all our Drivers come with 12 months free support as standard.

Buying from the US

We recognise that sometimes it's easier for our friends in America to buy from American businesses; if this is suitable then we will point them in the direction of a US reseller.

If you have any questions then drop us an email.