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How do I install the ODBC-JDBC Gateway on Windows 2012 Core?

Last Reviewed:
29th January 2024
  1. Do one of the following, before installing the ODBC-JDBC Gateway:
    • Switch to the GUI version of Windows 2012. To do this you need to run the SwitchGUIServerCore script, which is available from the Microsoft TechNet site:



    • Copy oledlg.dll from a machine running the same version of 2012 in GUI mode to the machine where you want to install the ODBC-JDBC Gateway.

      oledlg.dll is located in both %Windir%\System32 and %Windir%\SysWOW64. Copy both versions of the file to the same locations on the target machine.

  2. Install a JVM. If you are installing 1.6 or later, make sure that you reboot the machine after the JVM installation, even if the installation does not tell you to do this. Some of the required DLLs are not installed until a reboot takes place.
  3. Install and license the ODBC-JDBC Gateway.

    For installation and licensing instructions, see the ODBC-JDBC Gateway documentation.

  4. When you have installed the ODBC-JDBC Gateway, you need to copy:
    From To
    drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Easysoft\Shared\*.* %Windir%\System32\
    drive:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Easysoft\Shared\*.* % Windir%\SysWOW64\
  5. Configure an ODBC-JDBC Gateway data source.
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