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How do I transfer an Easysoft license from one Windows machine to another?

Last Reviewed:
3rd January 2024

Please read these instructions fully before attempting to transfer an Easysoft license.

If you want to run Easysoft software on your old and new machine concurrently for a short transitional period, obtain a trial license for your new machine. Easysoft trial licenses last for 14 days. If you need to use the both machines for longer than 14 days, contact the Easysoft Product Licensing team () before obtaining a trial license.

If your old machine has had a hardware failure, you cannot get the removal code necessary to complete the instructions in this article. Contact the Easysoft Product Licensing team and ask us for instructions on how to transfer a license on Windows following a hardware failure.

To transfer an Easysoft license, we need the Easysoft license removal code from your old machine and the machine number for your new machine.

Obtaining the Removal Code

  1. Start Easysoft License Manager on the old machine.
  2. Click Remove License.
  3. Select the license to be removed and click Next.
  4. You will get a warning asking if you are sure you want to delete the license key. If you are sure you selected the correct license in the previous step, click Yes, Delete.
  5. A license removal code will then be displayed and highlighted. Use CTRL+C to copy the removal code and paste it into an email before you click Delete.

Obtaining the New Machine Number

  1. Start Easysoft License Manager on the new machine.
  2. Click Request License.
  3. Select Time Limited Trial and click Next.

    You will not receive a trial license; this is a quick way to generate a new machine number.

  4. Select the correct Easysoft product from the list and click Next.
  5. Click on View Request.

    The machine number is displayed in the Easysoft Data Access License Request window. The machine number format is:


Sending Your Request to Easysoft

When emailing your request to , please specify "License Transfer" in the subject line.

In the email body, send your details in the following format:

New Machine Name:
New Machine Number:
License Removal Code:

Note The New Machine Name field is only required if you are transferring the license from more than one machine. This can be anything you use to identify which machine the new license key is going on.

If you are transferring license keys from multiple machines, please send multiple requests to ; one email for each machine. This will speed up the license transfer process.


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