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What is the OOB demo server and how do I use it?

Last Reviewed:
28th October 2008

The OOB demo server is an OOB Server running on the machine demo.easysoft.com and listening on port 8888. If you install the OOB Client a demo datasource is created which you can use to test your OOB Client installation:

  Driver = OOB
  ServerPort = demo.easysoft.com:8888
  LogonUser = demo
  LogonAuth = easysoft
  TargetDSN = pubs
  TargetUser = demo
  TargetAuth = easysoft

The TargetDSN "pubs" is a read-only database containing tables you can query from the machine you have installed the OOB Client on. Your client machine will need access to demo.easysoft.com and connection through your firewall (if you have one) through port 8888.

This datasource on the demo server is only provided as a convenient method of testing your OOB Client connection.

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