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Is there a way I can call SQLRowCount if I am using the ODBC driver via ADO?

Last Reviewed:
23rd January 2024

Yes, the call is in ODBC32.dll (which calls ibodbc.dll), which is a C API.

To call it from Delphi, declare as follows:

function SQLRowCount(hstmt:LongInt;var RowCount:LongInt):SmallInt;stdcall;external 'ODBC32.DLL';

From ADO, you would use:

METHOD: Command::Execute
Syntax for non-row-returning:

commandobject.Execute RecordsAffected, Parameters, Options
Syntax for row-returning:
Set recordsetobject = commandobject.Execute (RecordsAffected, Parameters, Options)

The Execute method returns a reference to a Recordset object. You use this method to execute the query, SQL statement, or stored procedure contained in the CommandText property of the Command object. If it is a row-returning query, the results are stored in a new Recordset object. If it is not a row-returning query, the provider will return a closed Recordset object.

There are three optional parameters.

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