Easysoft ODBC-Zortec System Z Driver

Will Easysoft Data Access for Zortec System Z connect to my ISAM data at the same time as my System Z applications?

Last Reviewed:
19th January 2024

Many users of EDA for System Z still use native System Z applications to update and read their data. To make sure that EDA for System Z does not lock these applications out and vice versa, EDA supports all C-ISAM locking modes. This means that once the appropriate locking mode is chosen, EDA for System Z and other applications can access the files concurrently. EDA for System Z will only take an exclusive (and only ever at record level) lock at point of update. At all other times, it opens the ISAM file read-only. This ensures that the data is freely available to all other applications.

Please note this article only applies to Zortec customers who are using C-ISAM as their backend data files.

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