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How can I put attributes other than the DSN in my Perl DBI->connect call?

Last Reviewed:
2nd January 2024

From DBD::ODBC 0.21, you can put all of the connection attributes specified in your odbc.ini file in the connection string passed to DBI->connect().

For example, suppose your odbc.ini file looked like this:

ServerPort = demo.easysoft.com:8888;
LogonUser = fred
LogonAuth = password
TargetDSN = remotedsn

You can do away with the entire odbc.ini file and use the following Perl instead:

my $DSN = 'DRIVER={ODBC-ODBC Bridge};ServerPort=demo.easysoft.com:8888;';
$DSN = $DSN . 'LogonUser=fred;LogonAuth=password;TargetDSN=remotedsn';

my $dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:ODBC:$DSN",
          || die "Database connection failed: $DBI::errstr";

This can be particularly useful if you want to hide your username and password. For example, if you do not want them visible in the odbc.ini file. You could retrieve the username and password from somewhere else or even prompt for them.

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