Easysoft ODBC-SQI SQL Engine User Guide - List of Figures

Figure 1: The Easysoft ODBC-SQI SQL Engine product component

Figure 2: The Easysoft ODBC-SQI SQL Engine architecture

Figure 3: Joining multiple data sources into one

Figure 4: Reducing network traffic

Figure 5: Enhancing the functionality of existing ODBC drivers

Figure 6: The Welcome dialog box

Figure 7: The Software License Agreement dialog box

Figure 8: The Information dialog box

Figure 9: The Choose Destination Location dialog box

Figure 10: The Windows License manager data entry screen

Figure 11: The Windows License manager summary screen

Figure 12: The Setup Complete dialog box

Figure 13: Connecting to multiple data sources

Figure 14: The ODBC Data Source Administrator User DSN tab

Figure 15: The Create New Data Source dialog box

Figure 16: The DSN Setup dialog box SQI-ODBC Gateway tab

Figure 17: The DSN Setup dialog box Configuration tab

Figure 18: Virtual data source values under Windows

Figure 19: ODBC API functions

Figure 20: ODBC Driver Manager functions

Figure 21: ODBC Setup DLL functions

Figure 22: Superceeded functions

Figure 23: Unsuppported functions

Figure 24: Supported statements

Figure 25: Supported predicates

Figure 26: Supported string functions

Figure 27: Supported numeric functions

Figure 28: Supported time, date and interval functions

Figure 29: Supported system functions

Figure 30: Supported data type conversions

Figure 31: Adopted numeric data types