Using Microsoft Access Data in Wolfram Mathematica

Wolfram Mathematica can use data that can be retrieved through a JDBC connection. For example, you can use Wolfram Mathematica with the Easysoft JDBC-Access Driver to work with Microsoft Access data:

Installing the Easysoft JDBC-Access Driver

  1. Download the JDBC-Access Driver. (Registration required.)
  2. Install and license the JDBC-Access Driver on the machine where Wolfram Mathematica is installed.

    Install the JDBC-Access Driver into the default folder.

    For installation instructions, see the JDBC-Access Driver documentation.

Connecting Wolfram Mathematica to Microsoft Access

  1. In a Mathematica Notebook, add the following code. Update the JDBC-Access Gateway JAR (esmdb.jar) and Access database paths as appropriate.
    AddToClassPath["C:\\Program Files\\Easysoft Limited\\Easysoft JDBC-Access Gateway\\Libs\esmdb.jar"];
    conn = OpenSQLConnection[
  2. From the Evaluation menu, choose Evaluate Notebook.

    A list of tables in the Access database is returned.