Should You Care About Big Data?

If you are serious about selling more, and selling more profitably then the answer should be 'Yes'.

The average salesperson spends around 20 to 25% of their time searching for information about their prospects in readiness for sales calls and sales meetings, this is a huge amount of time, and it's time spent that would be better making actual sales.

According to recent research, some 73% of businesses strongly believe that Big Data technology could help them win more business, but how?

One place to start is in the information that you currently hold within your business, but the chances are that you are not making the best use of it.

There is a high likelihood that you are holding useful data in the following places:

Traditionally, this data has been difficult to prepare, store and analyse, but that is where Big Data thinking comes in.

Easysoft can help you in two key ways:

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