Does Your Salesforce Driver Support Bulk Actions? provide various ways to access Salesforce data, the main two being the SOAP API and the BULK API. Both the Easysoft Salesforce ODBC driver and the Easysoft Salesforce SOQL ODBC driver use the SOAP API. When updating data or inserting data into Salesforce with the SOAP API, you have two functions UPDATE and UPSERT. These both have a maximum limit of 200 rows.

Using our SOQL driver, if the WHERE clause in an UPDATE / UPSERT statement returns several rows to be updated, the driver puts this data into chunks of up to 200 rows. This approach is workable for, say up to 10K rows worth of data. For larger workloads, we recommend you use a tool that uses the Salesforce BULK API. For example, the Salesforce Data Loader.

If you also need a tool to query and filter your Salesforce data, in addition to your BULK requirements, both Easysoft's Salesforce drivers will do that very well, as that's what they have been designed to do (as opposed to BULK actions).