The Obligatory 'New Website' Blog Post

It seems to be a mandatory requirement to post a "we have a new website" message on a blog nowadays, so here is ours!

After literally months of planning, designing, developing and testing we have finally gone live with our new website.

Our previous site served us very well indeed, visitors seemed to like the simplicity of it, everything was neatly arranged and our great products were easy to find.

So why a new site?

Andy Scaife our Marketing Manager explains, "Whilst we knew that the old site was simple to navigate we wanted to make life even easier and clearer for our visitors, so we designed the new clutter free design and new more intuitive layout; it is also mobile friendly."

"The new architecture also allows us to add extra functionality that we know our website visitors and customers will love. Keep posted for more developments!"

Hopefully what you'll find here is a more modern and contemporary looking site that isn't only pleasing to the eye (great "look and feel") but with new technical developments and by analysing the way website visitors use the pages we know that over time we can add more great content and features.

If you have any further questions about our design processes or why certain decisions have been made, feel free to ask us.