Microsoft Access is Still Relevant

With all the new database technologies becoming increasing available and adopted by organisations and IT departments, it's often easy to overlook MS Access as a valid database.

From what we hear from some of the businesses we talk to, there remains a compelling need for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to use and connect to MSAccess. In addition, Access itself connects easily to other larger, more complex databases making it also relevant for larger organisations.

Andy Scaife, Marketing Manager at Easysoft can relate to this; "On a weekly and monthly basis I need to run Access reports to keep up to date with what's happening in the business, often I also need to join these Access tables and data with other databases within Easysoft and using our own ODBC Drivers this is a simple task, so whether I need to see my data within MS Access or Excel, I have all the data I need available to me, quickly and easily."

This just confirms to us that SMBs and departments within larger organisations are getting a lot of value from using MS Access as a vital datasource, and that by using ODBC Drivers they are getting increasing value from their applications.