Easysoft Limited release their Salesforce.com ODBC Driver

We have always listened to our customers, and when we started to receive feedback from the ones that used Salesforce.com, feedback that suggested that they needed additional data access solutions to help them get data that they need from the cloud then we set about developing a Salesforce.com ODBC Driver.

But not just any old ODBC Driver, we knew that this one needed to be something special, so we ensured that we connected with more applications than any other on the market and that our queries were super-fast and efficient.

Using our Salesforce.com ODBC Driver helps businesses deliver improved performance and reduce costs as we provide data integration, real time reporting and archiving through their existing ODBC compliant applications like MS Access, MS Excel, OpenOffice, Oracle®, SQL Server and Crystal Reports as well as many others.

Our initial Beta release is available for Windows (32 bit and 64 bit), Linux and Unix with the Mac OS X version becoming available over the coming weeks.

For more information, check out our Salesforce.com ODBC Driver product page.

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