Aqua Data Studio

Aqua Data Studio can analyse data stored in a number of back ends and includes a number of dedicated connectors for this purpose. For example, Aqua Data Studio can work with data stored in Amazon Redshift and ships with a dedicated connector for this data store.

Aqua Data Studio can also use the JDBC-ODBC Bridge that's included in the Java distribution as a generic connector for data stores for which there is an ODBC driver. For example, if you wanted to analyse data in Aqua Data Studio, you could connect to in the following way:

Aqua Data Studio > JDBC-ODBC Bridge > ODBC Driver >

Please bear in mind the following when using the JDBC-ODBC Bridge that's included in the Java distribution with Aqua Data Studio:

As an alternative, if you need to connect Aqua Data Studio to an ODBC driver, you can also use the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge instead. The Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge has a Java component and a 32-bit native component. It is fully supported by Easysoft and is currently being deployed in production environments throughout the world. Note that the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge only supports 32-bit ODBC drivers.

The process for using the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge with Aqua Data Studio is as follows:

  1. Configure a System ODBC data source for the database that you want to connect to in Aqua Data Studio.

    To do this, use the 32-bit version of ODBC Data Source Administrator on your Aqua Data Studio machine. On some versions of Windows, this is located in Control Panel > Administrative Tools. On some version of Windows, you need to search for ODBC in the taskbar search box. The 32-bit version of ODBC Data Source Administrator should be clearly labelled. If in doubt, in the Windows Run dialog box, type:

  2. Download the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge. (Registration required.)
  3. Install and license the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge on the machine where the Aqua Data Studio is installed.

    For installation instructions, see the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge documentation.

  4. In Aqua Data Studio, choose Server > Register Server.

    The Register Server dialog box is displayed.

  5. In the left pane, choose Generic - JDBC.
  6. Complete the dialog box fields:
    Field Value
    Name Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge
    Login Name my_database_user

    This field is only required of the target database requires it.

    Password my_database_password
    URL jdbc:easysoft://localhost/data_source:logonuser=windows_user:logonpassword=password
    Driver easysoft.sql.jobDriver
  7. Use the Browse button to browse for EJOB.jar.

    EJOB.jar is installed in the following location on the machine where you installed the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge:


    On 64-bit Windows, the default location for <easysoft_install> is <drive>:\Program Files (x86)\Easysoft Limited\Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge.

    On 64-bit Windows, the default location for <easysoft_install> is <drive>:\Program Files\Easysoft Limited\Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge.

  8. Save the Server to return to Acqua Data Studio.
  9. To retrieve some data, right-click the new Server in the Servers pane.
  10. Choose Query Analyzer.
  11. In the query pane, enter and then run a SQL Query.