Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group. Alibaba Cloud provides an integrated suite of cloud products and services such as elastic computing, databases, security and analytics. Alibaba Cloud is also used for Alibaba Group's own e-commerce platform.

Products on the cloud are managed by Alibaba who provide their customers with bug fixes and support. Alibaba also handle some of the administrative tasks associated with a product, for example, database administration tasks such as applying patches, backups, failure detection and repair. Alibaba's cloud platform also handles security tasks such as protecting against network attacks, SQL injection attempts, brute force attacks and other types of threat.

Products are charged for in two ways: Subscription and Pay As You Go. Pay As You Go charges customers for the exact amount actually used. Customers are free to activate or deactivate services at any time. For subscription services, the price for services is lower than Pay As You Go, making it a better option for those who intend to consume more resources, but is a less flexible option than Pay As You Go.

Cloud-based Relational Database Services (RDS) offer customers a number of traditional Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) with several management and configuration options. The Alibaba RDS is known as ApsaraDB. The Alibaba cloud platform provides many popular RDBMS engines, including MySQL, SQL Server and PostgreSQL, or to give them their full titles, ApsaraDB for MySQL, ApsaraDB for SQL Server and ApsaraDB for PostgreSQL. For customers who require a NoSQL solution, there is ApsaraDB for MongoDB, which enables a schema-free database to be created in the Alibaba cloud.

Easysoft provide a number of connectors which enables client applications running on Linux, Windows and UNIX platforms to access databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

The SQL Server ODBC driver enables client applications to access SQL Server 7—2019. A particularly popular use case for the driver is connecting Oracle to SQL Server via Oracle's Heterogeneous Services component. The SQL Server ODBC driver, like all our products, is a supported solution, so we can assist with initial setup and ongoing operation of projects built around the driver. We can also change the driver via configuration options or new builds should a driver change be a viable way of working around application or database behaviours that interrupt your solutions and services built around SQL Server.

Easysoft MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB drivers allow any application that supports ODBC to access these databases and are also provided on a supported basis.

Should you need to access these databases from a Java application that doesn't ship with a connector itself, you can combine the above drivers with Easysoft's JDBC-ODBC Bridge.