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How do I automate a license request on Unix or Linux?

Last Reviewed:
3rd January 2024

The article explains how to create a script that will allow you to automatically obtain an Easysoft license.

  1. Log in to the machine on which your Easysoft software is installed.

    Note If the Easysoft software is installed in a location for which root access is required (for example, /usr/local, the default location), log in as root.

    Note This machine needs to be connected to the Internet and your firewall needs to allow outgoing connections to our license server, license.easysoft.com, on port 8884. To test that your firewall allows outgoing connections on this port, run:

    telnet license.easysoft.com 8884

    If you get "Connected to license.easysoft.com.", proceed to the next step. Otherwise, you need to allow access in your firewall. (To exit from telnet, type CTRL-] and then quit.)

  2. Register at the Easysoft web site.

    Account activation instructions will be sent to the email address you provide during registration. Please activate your account.

  3. In the license subdirectory (/usr/local/easysoft/license or $EASYSOFT_ROOT/license if you are not using the standard installation location) create a file named request.txt.
  4. Add these lines to request.txt:
    Product Number
    Full Name
    Company Name
    Email Address
    Authorization code


    Field Description
    Product Number This is the number of the product you want to license as it appears in the list output by running ./licshell. For example:
    Easysoft License Client for UNIX
                    Please note that to obtain licenses automatically you need
                    to be connected to the Internet and allow outgoing access to
                    license.easysoft.com on port 8884
                    If this program cannot determine the IP address of license.easysoft.com
                    it will try
                    [0] Exit
                    [1] View existing licenses
                    [2] ODBC-ODBC Bridge V2.3
                    [3] SQLServer ODBC Driver V1.4
                    [4] Oracle ODBC Driver (WP) V1.0
                    [5] ODBC-Access Driver V1.0

    The number of products in the list depends on the number of Easysoft products installed. If you only have one product installed, Product Number will be 2. However, if you have more than one as in the example above, you need to choose the number thats next to the product you want to license.

    Full Name The name you used when registering on our web site.
    Company Name Your company name.
    Email Address This must be the one you registered on our web site or the license request process will not work.
    Phone Your phone number or leave a blank line.
    Fax Your fax number or leave a blank line.
    Authorization code The LAN or WAN authorization code you received when you purchased the software.
    BLANK You must leave a blank line at the end of the file.
  5. Finally, create a script getlicense.sh that contains the lines:
    ./licshell < request.txt > request.log
    ./licshell view
  6. Change the script to have execute permission:
    chmod 777 getlicense.sh

    To run the script, type ./getlicense.sh. This can then be run on any machine that has the same Easysoft product installed.

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