Easysoft ODBC-SQL Server Driver

Why do I get error "libssl.so.5: cannot open shared object file"?

Last Reviewed:
25th January 2024

On 64-bit Linux platforms, the Easysoft ODBC-SQL Server Driver with SSL support is linked against OpenSSL libraries in /usr/lib64. The SSL version of the driver depends on:


If you try to use the ODBC-SQL Server Driver with SSL support (or tdshelper) and get this error, either OpenSSL is not installed or the libraries in your OpenSSL distribution do not use the naming convention the driver expects.

The following steps show how to install the necessary OpenSSL libraries on 64-bit SUSE Linux Enterprise:

  1. Install the openssl (x86_64) and openssl-devel (x86_64) packages.
  2. In /usr/lib64, create a link named libssl.so.5 that points to libssl.so:
    cd /usr/lib64
    ln libssl.so libssl.so.5
  3. Create a link named libcrypto.so.5 that points to libcrypto.so:
    ln libcrypto.so libcrypto.so.5
  4. To test the OpenSSL libraries, start tdshelper, which should now run successfully:

Note If you only want to use the non-SSL version of the ODBC-SQL Server Driver and do not need to use tdshelper to assist you when creating data sources, installing the OpenSSL libraries is not necessary.

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