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How do I connect Oracle® to Microsoft Access?

Last Reviewed:
11th July 2008

If you are running an Oracle® database on a UNIX or Linux platform and want to read/write data in a remote MS Access database you can use Oracle's heterogeneous services (hsodbc) and the ODBC-ODBC Bridge.

Oracle's Heterogeneous services allows you to use Oracle® SQL to transparently access data stored in non-Oracle systems as if the data resides within an Oracle® server.

Oracle® 9i and Oracle® 8i users can find detailed instructions on how to set this up in the following article Accessing ODBC and JDBC Data Sources from Oracle® Heterogeneous Services (hsODBC).

Oracle® 12c, 11g and Oracle® 10g users can refer to Accessing SQL Server from Oracle® with Database Gateway for ODBC (DG4ODBC). Although this document describes how to connect Oracle® to a remote SQL Server database, the process is the same for MS Access. In the "Install, Configure and Test the ODBC Driver" section, configure an ODBC-ODBC Bridge client data source that points to a system ODBC data source for the target Access database.

Download the ODBC-ODBC Bridge

You can also use the ODBC-ODBC Bridge to connect to any other remote Windows database from Oracle®.

You can find other ODBC Drivers that you can use with Oracle's heterogeneous services here.

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