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How do I access ODBC Databases such as Oracle®, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access from Actuate Reporting Applications?

Last Reviewed:
28th October 2008

You can use the Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge (OOB) to access remote ODBC databases such as Oracle®, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel from Actuate running on Unix.

Download OOB for the platform on which Actuate is installed and install the OOB Client. Then download OOB for the platform on which the ODBC driver for your database is installed and install the OOB Server. Set up and test an OOB Client data source in unixODBC (see the OOB manual for information about how to do this).

Now you need to tell Actuate about the ODBC Driver Manager. The procedure outlined below assumes you have Actuate installed in $AC_SERVER_HOME and OOB in /usr/local:

  1. cd $AC_SERVER_HOME/lib
    ln -s /usr/local/easysoft/unixODBC/lib/libodbc.so ODBC.so
  2. Your data source can be added to /etc/odbc.ini.
  3. You should not need to set ODBC_INI_PATH or ODBC_MGR_PATH in the pmd7.sh file.
  4. Make sure pmd7.sh sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include /usr/local/easysoft/lib:/usr/local/easysoft/unixODBC/lib
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