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What is oobping?

Last Reviewed:
28th October 2008

oobping is a small program that has been distributed with the OOB since version oobping is a valuable tool for checking OOB connectivity and diagnosing connection problems or connection timing issues.

For Windows distributions you will find oobping.exe in installdir\Easysoft\OOB.

For Unix OOB distributions there are two versions of oobping called oobpings (a statically linked version) and oobpingd (a dynamically linked version linked against the libesoobclient shared object). These may be found in /usr/local/easysoft/bin. To use oobpingd you may need to set and export your LD_LIBRARY_PATH/LD_RUN_PATH/LIBPATH to include /usr/local/easysoft/oob/client and /usr/local/easysoft/lib.

oobping has the following command line:

oobping [-h host | -d ODBC_connection_string] {-t port}
        {-u osuser} {-p ospassword} {-e}


-h hostThe name or IP address of the machine where the OOB Server is.
-d ODBC_connection_string The ODBC connection string is that defined by ODBC i.e. a list of semi-colon separated attribute=value pairs. For example, "DSN=test;UID=fred;PWD=bloggs;".

If you specify -u and/or -p as well as -d "LogonUser=xxx;LogonAuth=yyy;" will be added to the end of the connection string where xxx and yyy are the values specified for -u and -p.

-t portThe port on which the OOB Server is listening.
-u osuserA valid username on the "host" operating system.
-p ospasswordA password for the user specified with -u.
-eShow time to complete the requested operation (post OOB

If you believe you have a connection problem from your application then you can use oobping to help diagnose the problem.

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