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Why do I get "Could not find file '(unknown)'" errors using MS Access ODBC driver?

Last Reviewed:
27th October 2008

This problem usually occurs because the MS Access mdb file specified in the ODBC data source cannot be found but it can also be due to permissions.

Go in to control panel, select ODBC or Data Sources and locate the MS Access SYSTEM DSN you are using with OOB. The name of the mdb file should be shown (if you cannot read all of it click on select). Does this file exist? Was it on a mapped drive that is no longer mapped?

If the file exists then you should check the following:

[1] The permissions on the file. The file needs to be
readable/writable by the user your OOB client logs on with
i.e. the value of the LogonUser attribute in your DSN.

[2] If the mdb file is on a mapped drive check the LogonUser is the
same person who mapped the network drive. i.e. if user XXX is
interactively logged in to the Windows server and mapped drive H
from a network share any user other than XXX will not have access
to the mapped drive.

[3] Is the mdb file linked to table where the table linked to is in
another mdb file on a network drive - if so, see [2].

[4] Make sure the system environment variable TEMP is assigned to
an existing directory and one which the LogonUser has access to.

To do this enter Control Panel and double click the System icon.
When the System Properties pane has loaded up select the Advanced
tab and click into Environment Variables. Select the Environment
Variable Temp from the System Variables list. If it does not point
to an existing directory change it. Once this has been edited
click ok and this will save your new value.

[5] Make sure you have permission to create temporary files in the same
directory as the mdb file.

[6] Another process or user has the Accessdatabase open.

You may also see error 80004005 in Active Server Pages and Microsoft Data Access Components. Check all of the above plus:

[1] The account that MS Internet Information Server is using does
not have the correct Windows NT permission for a file based
database or for the folder that contains the file. IIS usually
runs under the IUSR account.

[2] The file and the data source are marked as Exclusive.

[3] The error may be caused by a delegation issue. Check the
authentication method (see Microsoft web site).

[4] See article ID 189408 on Microsoft's web site.

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