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Why is inetd terminating the OOB Server service?

Last Reviewed:
28th October 2008

inetd counts the number of server instances created in a 60 second interval. If your OOB Server is very busy accepting a lot of connections in a short period of time, inetd may decide the OOB Server is being flooded or looping and suspend the service for a while. A typical message output by inetd looks like this:

/var/log/messages:Feb 16 14:35:41 machine inetd[52]: esoobserver/tcp
failing (looping or being flooded), service terminated for 10 min

By default, most inetd servers count 40 instances in 60 seconds as too many. If you need a higher threshold that this you need to edit your inetd.conf file and amend the OOB Server line to add a maximum number of server instances [see the inetd.conf(8) man page]. Usually, all that is involved is placing a . and a number after the nowait.


esoobserver stream tcp nowait.60 root /bin/sh /bin/sh

Do not forget to tell inetd to reread its configuration files after making changes to inetd.conf.

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