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Why have I not yet had a reply to the email I sent to autolicense@easysoft.com?

Last Reviewed:
3rd January 2024

When using the License Manager in Windows and selecting the email method of obtaining a license, an email is sent to autolicense@easysoft.com. For UNIX, the licshell program can create a license_request.txt file which you can email to this address to obtain a license.

Please remember that the license auto-responder sends the license to the email address you supplied in the email field of the License Manager (Windows) or licshell (UNIX) and does not just reply to your email. As a result, if you specified an incorrect email address, your request will be lost. Also, remember that the email address specified in the email field may be different from the account you used to send the request from, in which case you need to check this mail account for a receipt from our auto-responder.

If you have checked the above and have still not received a license, consider whether sufficient time has elapsed for your email to be received by our auto-responder and for the reply to get back to you. It is difficult to say how long you should wait as emails can pass through many machines to get to their destination. What Easysoft can say is that emails received by our auto-responder are processed within a few minutes. However, due to emails passing through many machines to get to their destination the entire process could take as much as a few hours. If, after a few hours you have still not received a response please contact us (see the question on where you send license requests) or use an alternative method to obtain a license.

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