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Why can't I login to the HTTP Administrator when running the OOB server as a named user instead of in the system account?

Last Reviewed:
28th October 2008

By default the OOB Server is installed as a service which runs in the system account - this is usual for NT system services. If you elect to run the OOB Server under a named account that account may not have privilege to become another user. Certain pages in the OOB HTTP administrator are protected using HTTP authentication and when you login, the HTTP server temporarily becomes the user you log in as. If the OOB Server does not have privilege to become that user you will not be able to login to those pages. A solution is to disable HTTP authentication in the OOB HTTP Server by either:

  1. restart the OOB Server service in the system account, go to the configuration web page and change the HTTPAdmin username to disabled.
  2. Edit the registry key:

    and change it to the text "disabled" (omit the quotes).

One imagines that the reason you want to run the OOB Server under a named account is for added security but in fact you are opening up security holes doing this. Firstly, anyone with the OOB client can now connect to your data and secondly, to administer the OOB Server via HTTP you will have to disable HTTP authentication. Disabling HTTP authentication means anyone can change the OOB Server settings.

Easysoft recommend you run the OOB Server in the system account.

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