Easysoft ODBC-Sybase Driver User Guide - Introduction

Introducing the Easysoft ODBC-Sybase Driver

Easysoft Data Access is a suite of programs that add significant value to your investment in ODBC. With Easysoft software you can connect applications on more platforms to more database systems than ever.

Although ODBC access from Windows client devices is common, this driver extends the same functionality to applications hosted on Unix systems, and may be extended to other platforms in the future.

The Easysoft ODBC-Sybase Driver provides ODBC 3.5 access to Sybase databases from other computers across the network running any supported Unix variant.

Chapter Guide

Product Status

The Easysoft ODBC-Sybase Driver software is currently available on the following platforms:

Software problems can be reported to support@easysoft.com by users who have either purchased support or registered via the website at http://www.easysoft.comand are evaluating products with a view to subsequent purchase.


Several deployment options are available, depending upon the server platforms used and connectivity requirements.

The Easysoft ODBC-Sybase Driver can be located either remotely or on the same machine as a Sybase database.

The Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge may also be added to enable JDBC access from remote devices.

Scenario 1: Local access to a Sybase database

Figure 1: Local access to a Sybase database

Scenario 2: Remote access to a Sybase database

Figure 2: Remote access to a Sybase database