Easysoft ODBC-Oracle Driver User Guide - List of Figures

Figure 1: Local access to a local Oracle® database

Figure 2: Single client access to a remote Oracle® database

Figure 3: Access to a remote Oracle® database without Net8

Figure 4: The Welcome dialog box

Figure 5: The Information dialog box

Figure 6: The User Information dialog box

Figure 7: The Choose Destination Location dialog box

Figure 8: The License Agreement dialog box

Figure 9: The Start Copying Files dialog box

Figure 10: The License Manager dialog box

Figure 11: The License Type dialog box

Figure 12: Select the product you are licensing

Figure 13: The Authorization Number dialog box

Figure 14: The License Application dialog box

Figure 15: The Setup Wizard Complete dialog box

Figure 16: The ODBC Data Source Administrator

Figure 17: The Create New Data Source dialog box

Figure 18: The DSN Setup dialog box - Connection tab

Figure 19: The DSN Setup dialog box - Settings tab

Figure 20: The DSN Setup dialog box - Optimization tab

Figure 21: The DSN Setup dialog box - OCI Pooling tab

Figure 22: The Easysoft Setup Test DSN dialog box

Figure 23: The Link dialog box in Microsoft Access

Figure 24: The Select Data Source dialog box Machine Data Source tab

Figure 25: The Link Tables dialog box Tables tab

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