Easysoft ODBC-Access Driver User's Guide - Glossary

Terms and definitions

Application Programmer Interface (API)

    A published set of function calls and constants allowing different programmers to utilize a ready-written library of subroutines.

Authorization code

You must have an authorization code for the Easysoft product you wish to license in order to obtain a purchased license. When you purchase a product your authorization code is emailed to you. You do not need an authorization code to obtain a trial license.

Data source

    A database or other data repository coupled with an ODBC Driver, which has been given a Data Source Name (see DSN) to identify it to the ODBC Driver Manager.

Data type

    An attribute that specifies what type of information can be stored in a column, parameter, or variable.

Driver Manager

    Software whose main function is to load ODBC drivers. ODBC applications connect to the Driver Manager and request a data source name (DSN). The Driver Manager loads the driver specified in the DSN's configuration file. On Windows, the ODBC Data Source Administrator is used to set up the Driver Manager.


    Data Source Name. A name associated with an ODBC data source. Driver Managers, such as unixODBC or the Microsoft Windows Driver Manager, use the Data Source Name to cross-reference configuration information and load the required driver.

DSN-less connection

    A type of data connection that is created based on information in a data source name (DSN), but is stored as part of a project or application. DSN-less connections are especially useful for Web applications because they let you move the application from one server to another without re-creating the DSN on the new server.

License key

    A string that is provided by Easysoft for use in the licensing process.


    Open Database Connectivity -- a programming interface that enables applications to access data in database management systems that use Structured Query Language (SQL) as a data access standard.

ODBC driver

    Software that accesses a proprietary data source, providing a standardized view of the data to ODBC.