Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge User's Guide - List of Figures

Figure 1: Type 1 JDBC Driver architecture

Figure 2: Type 2 JDBC Driver architecture

Figure 3: Type 3 JDBC Driver architecture

Figure 4: Type 4 JDBC Driver architecture

Figure 5: Advantages of the Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge

Figure 6: The Driver Manager as a dynamic linker

Figure 7: A Java application using JOB

Figure 8: A Zero Installation Java applet using JOB

Figure 9: A Zero Installation Java applet using JOB with multiple servers

Figure 10: Heterogeneous database access using the ODBC Join Engine

Figure 11: The Choose Setup Type dialog box

Figure 12: The Initial Server Configuration dialog box

Figure 13: The License Manager window

Figure 14: The ODBC Data Source Administrator User DSN Tab

Figure 15: The ODBC Data Source Administrator System DSN Tab

Figure 16: The Create New Data Source dialog box

Figure 17: The Microsoft Access ODBC driver configured

Figure 18: The Configuration dialog box for a PostgreSQL data source

Figure 19: The Enter Network Password dialog box

Figure 20: The Windows Registry entry

Figure 21: An example applet tag

Figure 22: An example applet tag using ez.class

Figure 23: Easysoft JDBC URL attributes

Figure 24: Easysoft JOB URL examples